The Matt Project was born in memory of Matteo, son of the founders of the company A&D, owner of the Matt brand, which fully finances the project since its origin. The story began in 2004, when one of the most catastrophic disasters of the modern era occurred, the Tsunami hitting the Indian Ocean and in particular the Southern region of Tamil Nadu. The Matt Project interprets what Matteo would have done and is part of the corporate philosophy of A&D and Matt regarding social sensitivity, ethics, respect for others and the hopes of tomorrow. Matt is designed to assist and educate orphan or disadvantaged girls (in conditions of extreme poverty and loneliness, often victims of abuse) giving them a hope of a better future to be respected as daughters, wives, mothers, workers, professionals as well as free and independent women.

Over the years, girls have increased in number: there are 35 (aged 4 to 17) living in a new house of about 800 square meters, inaugurated on 7 April 2018 fully funded by the project, which stands over a property of about 1,500 square meters soon to be further expanded.