The association was born on 12 February 2007 with the aim of pursuing social solidarity goals for the protection of human dignity and the defense of the rights of the weakest, taking action to support initiatives for the sustenance, healthcare, education, psychological and social assistance, especially for disadvantaged children and adolescents regardless of gender, nationality, language and religion.
The Association collaborates with national and international organizations, actively involved and working on HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS DEVELOPED IN FAVOR OF SERIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN
The Association has initiated and supported projects in Italy, Central African Republic and India, such as:

  • Reception and entertainment of very young patients in the child neuropsychiatry department of the San Paolo Hospital in Milan.
  • Creation of a medical dispensary and a school on the outskirts of Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, one of the poorest African countries and afflicted by social and political conflicts.
  • A task force to rescue children kidnapped or sold for economic or sexual exploitation in south-east India.
  • Support for the education and information of the populations of the Tamil Nadu area on the dangers of the AIDS epidemic and on how to prevent and treat patients with this severe illness.
  • Reception and social assistance facilities for orphans and adolescent girls, saved from situations of serious danger or psycho-social problems.

Based on the strong belief that the future of a country depends on the growth and development of its younger citizens, the Associazione Innocente Binda strives to promote solidarity initiatives to guarantee the right to a dignified future also to the most unfortunate children.
Currently, I.Binda NPO is focusing its support on the continuity and development of projects launched in the Indian Tamil Nadu region.