passione (pas.siò.ne) s.f. (From the late Latin passio -onis, derivation of passus, passive o pati or patire, to suffer) 1. Physical or spiritual suffering: in the first sense survives only with reference to Christ’s sacrifice and that of the first martyrs of Christian faith; in the second it is associated with the idea of a deep and tormented affliction 2. Period or theme in emotional life marked by a state of intense and chronic feeling.
pas.sion (13th century) (From Medieval French passion)
pasión (From Latin passio -onis)
passion (From 1000, passiun, derivation of the Latin passio)

The interpretation through the photographs of Toni Thorimbert

Passion rhymes with obsession; it is an all-embracing, biased, vertical emotion that accompanies – twenty-four hours a day – the life of those who choose to immerse themselves intensely in it.

Passion that drives great projects by giving them meaning, often with powerful originality; passion that accompanies, step by step great collectors, the collectors of past memories and stories, like guiding lights at night; passion is the energy you thought you did not have to reach unhoped-for results, it is adrenaline, it is basic vitality.

Passion beats out life’s time, it marks every gesture, it subtly accompanies it by becoming an initiatory path, a thread that can give strong meaning to all that we do and are.

The large and small passions always pass through life’s unpredictable personalities and an encounter with passionate emotions arouses one from torpor, it straightens the back and sharpens observation, it demands higher and varied thoughts, it liberates energies and leads them with silences that are full of life and happily contradictory emotion.

Hay algo devastador en la pasión, quiero decir, la pasión te consume… hay un momento en que la pasión tiene que ir acompañada de cierta serenidad, incluso para que puedas expresarla como tu quieres